DDA Land Policy Bringing a Better Living Standard in Delhi

Many a numbers of real estate projects in Dwarka, Delhi are largely relying upon the DDA land pooling policy that is causing a new makeover of Delhi to take place in a recent time. Recently, Delhi has grown rapidly over the last few years and its population has rose to the tune of ten-fold (to 1.7 Crore) approximately in just six decades. However, DDA has already clarified that with current infrastructure around only 1.5 core people can only be added to the population of Delhi. Rest, about 60 lakh people soon to be expected to be added into the Delhi’s population by 2021. Therefore, the city require infrastructural support to adequately fit into around 80 lakh people additional people.

Real Estate Project in Dwarka, Delhi thus therefore cater around to 22,000 hectares of land at L Zone from the necessitated land of about 50,000–60,000 acre of land that is deemed to be available according to Master Plan Delhi 2021 and Land Pooling Policy that provides the fitted answers to the availably of urban living and basic infrastructure in Delhi.


Land Pooling Policy has allowed the urbanization ideas in Delhi to be far more modified addressing the problem of landowners, and the problems faced by the land owners. To address these concerns, DDA recently introduced the land pooling policy to facilitate faster and efficient development.

If, we look at the Delhi Heights Dwarka L Zone Map it is quite vigilant that land pooling policy in Delhi is aided and supported by high floor area ratio (FAR) and a single window mechanism. Under the new policy DDA has restricted itself only to the just facilitators and are promoting public-private partnership for the development of urban infrastructure in Delhi.

According to the new land pooling policy around 40, 000 acre of new land has been made available to urban development in Delhi and most of that comes there from outer Delhi areas as Bawana, Najafgarh and Narela. Such large-scale development is expected to make Delhi a major smart city market in the entire NCR region and facilitate people in Delhi to live a life of modernity.


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